Many people love getting perms in the style of their favorite celebrity. Some of these celebs include names like Leighton Meester, Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, Sarah Chalke, Keira Knightly, Cynthia Nixon, Alyson Hannican, Calista FLockhart, jennifer Lopez and many others.

Perms are no longer a thing of the 80's, but are just as popular today than ever. Below are a sample of some of the most famous perms on celebs in the industry.

Check out these styles if you are looking at getting a perm like you favorite pop star or celebrity. Just remember that each persons hair however is different, so you may find a different recommended perm than the one you want.

Jessica Simpson Perm curly perm hair

Jessica Simpson per picture.

celebrity perm

Rachel Leigh Cook, Christina Ricci, and Alyssa Milano perm styles.